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The mountain town Schwarzenberg

The history of the city extends to the 12th Century.
The unique location of the rock, which is surrounded by the Schwarzwasser on three sides, led to the construction
of a fortress to protect the mountain pass road to Bohemia. Under the protection of this fortress the city of Schwarzenberg evolved. In the year 1282 Schwarzenberg was mentioned the first time. Due to the wonderful location and the lovely town with the castle and church, the old mining town of Schwarzenberg is known as the "Pearl of the Ore Mountains".
Parkhotel "House Sonnensiedel"

This Parkhotel was built on the foundations of the house "Sonnensiedel." Friedrich Emil Krauss, the last owner of Krauss works, built it in the years 1928/1929. Through the referendum in 1946 the plant and also the property VU Krauss was expropriated. Firstly, it served as an advertising designer studio. In 1948 the completely wooden house burnt to the ground. After the reconstruction, which took place stone by stone, the National People's Army used the property.
In the wake of reunification the object passed over from the German armed forces into private ownership.
Since May 1993, the Family Koerner has made the house available as a "Hotel" for its guests.
The Krauss works

In 1887 Charles-Luis Krauss opened a workshop in Schwarzenberg / Neuwelt.
Soap pools, funnels, kerosene lamps and similar goods were manufactured from tinplate. Diligence, modesty and dignified work were the cornerstones of the success of the workshop, which in 1891 moved to a small building. By application of the patent for the first fully galvanized bathtub in 1895, the triumph of the Krauss works began.
In the years after, more inventions, such as the steam washing machine 'Krauss' followed. In the year 1919 Karl Luis Krauss went to retire and passed over the responsibility of the factory to his son Friedrich Emil. Under his leadership the company grew constantly, and reached a considerable size until the end of the war. After 1945 the washing machines of the brand Foron were produced in the Krauss works.

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